Tailored Services

BCIU helps foreign governments to productively engage with highly targeted audiences for the purpose of growing their international trade and foreign direct investment. Whether the audience is a specific multinational corporation or an entire industry segment, BCIU uses its extensive, well-established network of private sector connections to facilitate mutually beneficial dialogue between senior corporate executives and government officials.

In addition to using its deep understanding of specific industry segments to provide government leaders with detailed briefings and market research, BCIU and its wholly owned subsidiary, BCIU Global Advisors (BGA), can help open doors to sources of capital and facilitate long-term relationships between governments, corporations and investors.

BCIU can also serve as a neutral outside facilitator to help businesses and governments overcome challenges related to local political, economic, social or business factors. BCIU will identify the appropriate executives and officials for dialogue, arrange and facilitate meetings, provide post-meeting debriefings and assist in developing proactive follow-up strategies.

Using its established connections within the Fortune 500 and with other high-growth corporations, BCIU plans, promotes and manages multi-city tours for delegations of foreign government officials or business executives who would like to target one or more U.S. cities. The organization's wide-ranging network of contacts and extensive experience promoting commercial diplomacy help ensure maximum exposure to critical business and government constituents, and the BCIU team can handle everything from arranging the agenda and preparing briefing materials to devising marketing campaigns and managing public relations. BCIU can also help bring visibility to government initiatives by connecting them with opportunities for stakeholders to participate in BCIU-sponsored private meetings, roundtables and other events.


  • BCIU's extensive market and industry-sector knowledge provides insights and access to market participants that can help to focus a country's efforts to encourage trade and investment.
  • BCIU's established contacts can be used to quickly open doors to appropriate decision makers and potential partners.
  • Involving BCIU as a neutral facilitator in discussions business and government leaders increases the level of trust and the likelihood of productive dialogue.
  • Specifically-tailored trade promotion tours can magnify the initiative of a government agency by addressing large and private audiences in multiple cities around the world. Tours can be highly targeted to the needs of the topic and audience, including private meetings, group roundtables, receptions and press conferences, as appropriate.