Private Meetings

BCIU works with officials from U.S. and foreign governments to coordinate meeting schedules while they are traveling in the U.S. or abroad and arranges private meetings with senior business executives. These meetings, which BCIU facilitates using its established connections within the Fortune 500 and with other high-growth corporations, allow government officials to promote business opportunities in their home or post country and receive unfiltered feedback about these opportunities from business executives.

To increase their impact, BCIU often coordinates these private meetings with a government official's appearance at one of BCIU's roundtable events. This gives the official an opportunity to exchange ideas and information with a group of 20-30 senior executives, and then participate in one or more pre-arranged private meetings at the same location to discuss matters that may be too sensitive to address even in the small, off-the-record roundtable format.


  • Provide an opportunity for government officials to receive candid feedback about challenges related to trade and investment in their portfolio, country or region.
  • Offer a focused, confidential forum for discussing the concerns of a specific business, without concern for revealing sensitive or proprietary information.