Private Meetings

BCIU arranges private meetings between senior executives of member companies and officials from the U.S. and foreign governments. These meetings provide members with the opportunity to engage government leaders and critical staff directly on their specific concerns regarding a particular country, project or policy issue.

Often conducted in conjunction with small group roundtables, these BCIU-arranged private meetings also allow members to brief an official on proprietary issues or explore specific interests in the country, often on matters that may be too sensitive to address even in an exclusive roundtable format. Accordingly, BCIU members regularly use the occasion of an official's appearance on BCIU's calendar of upcoming events to request private meeting time with that official.


  • Provide BCIU members with the opportunity to participate in meetings dedicated to discussing the specific concerns of their company with a particular government official.
  • Allow for the open discussion of issues without concern for revealing trade secrets, business plans or other proprietary information.
  • Enable participants to ask specific questions of government officials and also hear and share experiences with other company representatives invested in the same country, region or market.