Group Roundtables

BCIU's roundtable discussion events are informal, off-the-record meetings between senior business executives and government leaders. They are often organized around high-profile diplomats, foreign dignitaries and other government officials working in the areas of foreign policy, trade, development and security. BCIU organizes more than 150 of these group roundtables each year in Washington, D.C., New York, Houston and other U.S. and international locations.

With a limited number of participants – usually between 20 and 30 – and featuring a candid, free-flowing question-and-answer period, these intimate gatherings provide BCIU members with outstanding opportunities to speak directly with government leaders in a small group setting and to exchange opinions, insights and information on key issues relative to the featured guest's portfolio, country or region.

Government officials who participate in BCIU roundtables typically include:

  • Newly appointed U.S. ambassadors before their assignments overseas
  • Foreign diplomats beginning their postings to the United States
  • Leaders from U.S. government departments and agencies with foreign policy, trade, development and security responsibilities
  • Key ministers and heads of state during bilateral visits, economic dialogues and multilateral institution gatherings such as the United Nations General Assembly and International Monetary Fund/World Bank Spring and Annual meetings
  • Influential CEOs visiting New York and Washington

Roundtable meetings usually take place over breakfast, lunch or dinner and interaction between the business executives in attendance is often an added benefit for members seeking the perspective of industry colleagues.


  • Allow for introductions and face-to-face conversations between senior business executives and government officials.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants, including both government officials and business executives, to network and make new contacts across multiple industries.
  • Enable participants to ask specific questions of government officials and also hear and share experiences with other company representatives invested in the same country, region or market.


  • Luncheon discussion in New York with His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, President of the Republic of Ghana
  • Roundtable discussion in New York with the Honorable Max Baucus, Ambassador of the United States to China
  • Luncheon discussion in Washington, D.C. with the Honorable Michael Daniel, Special Assistant to the President and Cybersecurity Coordinator for the White House
  • Roundtable discussion in New York with His Excellency Cesar Purisima, Secretary of Finance, and His Excellency Gregory Domingo, Secretary of Trade and Industry for the Republic of the Philippines
  • Luncheon roundtable in Washington, D.C. with Ambassador David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Relations, U.S. Department of Energy