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Cultivating Global Growth Opportunities for BCIU Members

As a member-driven organization, BCIU builds programs that help member companies identify and capture growth opportunities in both established and emerging markets throughout the world.

By organizing off-the-record roundtable discussions and private meetings, BCIU introduces its members to the global decision makers who can affect their business and works to facilitate ongoing dialogue and involvement. To this end, BCIU assists in creating public-private partnerships in the global marketplace while providing commercial diplomacy training from member companies. The organization also offers specially tailored services that help individual member companies address crisis-level issues or other pressing matters affecting their business in a particular country or region.

Increase Your Company's Visibility and Impact at BCIU Events

BCIU regularly offers corporate sponsorship opportunities in support of programming and events. The benefits of sponsorship vary from program to program, and can include:

  • Corporate logo and branding on event materials, including banners, media walls, and program booklets
  • Speaking role in the discussion, i.e. introducing the official or moderating the discussion
  • Priority seating next to key officials, as well as extra seats for guests and clients
  • Private introduction to the official prior to the event
  • Targeted introductions to key officials at large conferences
  • Facilitation of special requests as needed

To learn more about the cost and benefits of sponsorship related to a particular event, please contact the appropriate Program Officer listed on the event page.

  • Roundtable Events

    Each year, BCIU organizes more than 100 roundtables bringing together government officials and business executives for informal, off-the-record discussions. Typical roundtable events have fewer than 30 attendees and are built around an in-depth, candid and free-flowing question-and-answer period. These intimate conversations provide executives with outstanding opportunities to directly address U.S. and foreign government officials regarding their business concerns in a particular country, region or market. BCIU members can request specific roundtable events to align with their companies goals.

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  • Private Meetings

    Leveraging its vast global network of contacts, BCIU arranges private meetings with officials from the U.S. and foreign governments for member companies that have specific concerns about an international project or business issue. BCIU members regularly find enormous value in the opportunities that the organization provides to engage directly with trade officials, industry regulators and others who can influence business opportunities in a particular country or region of the world.

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  • Conferences

    BCIU organizes conferences covering one or more topics involving international business, trade and investment, where BCIU members and government stakeholders jointly address areas of common concern. BCIU develops these conferences in response to member needs or at the request of government agencies in the U.S. and abroad. These events typically include panel discussions, breakout sessions and networking receptions. Conference Sponsorships – Event Sponsorship" enable member companies to increase their exposure and enhance their profile among participants.

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  • Government Contracts

    BCIU has a longstanding relationship with the U.S. government and is a certified contractor to the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and other government agencies. As such, BCIU designs, implements, markets and manages trade visits, conferences and training programs for business leaders and government officials from developing and middle-income countries. BCIU's involvement with these programs gives the organization's member companies unique access to high-level foreign procurement opportunities and specialized market insights.

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  • Commercial Diplomacy Training

    BCIU works with member companies to deliver specialized commercial diplomacy training programs to U.S. Embassy personnel to enhance their trade literacy. These programs are developed using BCIU's extensive knowledge of the advocacy and commercial diplomacy assistance offered by U.S. embassies and agencies worldwide and they give BCIU members the tools they need to get the most out of these valuable resources.

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  • Tailored Services

    BCIU delivers highly customized services to help member companies expand their global opportunities or resolve specific challenges that they face in their international business dealings. In addition to using its deep understanding of global conditions to create detailed industry briefings and market research, BCIU can draw from its extensive contacts in the public and private sectors to access sources of capital and facilitate long-term relationships between corporations, investors and governments. This includes providing high-value transactional services through its wholly owned subsidiary, BCIU Global Advisors (BGA).

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