Become a Member

Accessing BCIU's Global Connections and Expertise

Become a BCIU member and join many of the Fortune 500, as well as some of the world's most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises, in receiving timely market information, access to decision makers and business development support through BCIU programs and services.

Programs and services available to BCIU members include:


Limited to 20 -30 senior level executives, these are informal, off-the-record meetings with one or more government officials. BCIU organizes more than 150 roundtable events each year, and the organization surveys each member company's regional and sector priorities in order to ensure that it is notified of all events pertaining to those interests.


Corporate members and government stakeholders often contract BCIU to organize business conferences to address issues of common concern. Members can also increase their visibility at conferences and receptions through event sponsorships.

Private Meetings

BCIU arranges private meetings with officials from the U.S. and foreign governments for member companies that have specific concerns about an international project or business issue, or otherwise need to engage directly with trade officials, industry regulators and others who can have an impact on their business prospects in a particular country or region of the world.


BCIU regularly counsels business executives and policy makers in the U.S. and abroad on commercial diplomacy issues.


This cost-effective service allows business executives to speak directly with U.S. Ambassadors and key officials on immediate commercial and political issues.

Media Positioning

Senior executives can retain BCIU to generate media coverage that highlights their international leadership and expertise.

Membership in BCIU's network of companies is by invitation only and non-member companies are given the opportunity to participate in up to three BCIU roundtables before making a decision on membership. Membership is maintained through annual dues.

For more information about BCIU membership, please contact us at 212-490-0460 or [email address to be provided by BCIU.