Executive Team

Dedicated to Fostering Ties Between Global Business and Government Leaders

The BCIU leadership and staff is a seasoned group of professionals with global knowledge and experience, expertise across a range of industrial sectors and a network of international contacts – all of which can be used to foster and strengthen relationships between business and government leaders around the world. The team includes individuals who have extensive industry experience and relationships with senior corporate and political leaders, as well as specialists who are skilled in all aspects of providing training, trade facilitation and capacity building services to U.S. and foreign government agencies.

Senior Vice President and Corporate TreasurerPhone: +1-212-490-0460Fax: +1-212-697-8526
Senior Vice PresidentPhone: +1-202-595-2673Fax: +1-202-595-2674
Senior Vice PresidentPhone: +1-212-490-0460Fax: +1-212-697-8526
Chief Operating OfficerPhone: +1-212-490-0460Fax: +1-212-697-8526
Senior Vice PresidentPhone: +1-212-490-0460Fax: +1-212-697-8526